Maple Firewood – new quality wood logs for woodstove or open fires


Firewoodman is now offering Maple as a new type of quality hardwood for open fires or woodstove ovens.

Although relatively unknown in Ireland, maple wood is very common in the USA or Canada. It has the same burning qualities such as beech or ash and as a rule, the same amount of firewood can be used for a satisfying heat development. After ignition, a full, beautiful flame develops within a short time which is why, in addition to burning in woodstove ovens, maple wood is also very suitable for open fireplaces as it does not tend to cause any sparks. A fire with maple wood is easy to ignite and easy to control both when burning and stoking fire.
Maple logs should be stored in a dry, well aired location. All logs should be properly dried and we would always recommend to use only kiln-dry logs. The wood can retain is typical bright colour if it is properly dried. The other benefit of maple firelogs are of course that it is slightly lighter than beech or oak which makes it easier to transport and carry the logs.

There is a small disadvantage of maple wood, it is vulnerable to weather and moisture. In order to avoid fungal formation on the wood, it should not be stored unprotected but this is only a slight drawback.
Firewood Maple:
• very good burning hardwood with a nice flame
• similar good burning value as beech
• ideal for the open fireplace or all stoves
• limited sparks

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