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the Big B

A bag of quality, kiln-dried fire logs in a watertight, breathable & re-sealable bag. Delivered to your door within 48 hours.

Watertight, Breathable, Sealed Bag

The Big B

Less than 20% moisture content

€277 incl. VAT

Kiln Dried Firewood

What’s the BigB

It’s a mixed bag of the best logs available on the market at any given time, sourced from sustainable sources and kiln-dried to ensure a moisture content of less than 20%. No need to move them immediately as the bag is completely water-tight and breathable. You can also move a few at a time because the bag is re-sealable too!


What quantity of fire logs will I receive?

The Big B consists of 200-300 logs loosely packed in the bag.

If I order today when will you deliver?

We deliver within 48 hours in the greater Dublin area. If you live in a more remote area please allow a little longer for delivery. Call us to get an exact delivery time for your area.

What is the average length of the logs?

All logs are 25cm in length

How is your wood dried and what is the moisture content?

All our wood is strictly kiln dried, which means the wood is dried in large insulated chamber to balance and control humidity, temperature, and airflow. The main advantage of a kiln is that with the increased temperature and airflow the wood can be dried much more evenly, minimizing any sort of moisture gradient between the outer shell and the inner core and simultaneously avoiding the drying defects usually associated with rapid, uneven drying. Importantly, kiln drying also kills any unwanted insects in the process.

What type of wood will I receive in the bag?

The Big B consists of a mixture of quality firelogs. The actual makeup of each bag differs, but is essentially a mix of Ash, Beech and Birch, although not every bag will have every type of wood included. For more information, have a read of the ‘About The Big B’ page.

How much does it cost?

Just €277 gets you a bag of quality firelogs.

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