The Cheapest Firewood for sale in Dublin.  Buy kiln dried fire logs today.

Just buy the Big B and we’ll deliver to your door a bag of quality firelogs. It’s a mixed bag of the best logs available on the market at any given time, sourced from sustainable sources and kiln-dried to ensure a moisture content of less than 20%. No need to move them immediately as the bag is completely water-tight and breathable.

Firewood Man is all about simplicity and quality. Why spend time looking through many choices of different wood types to buy firewood? Why end up buying poor quality wood. Why be forced to buy lots of smaller manageable bags to avoid dealing with large crates? Why worry about whether your firewood comes from managed forests?

We knew that there was a simpler way and so we created the perfect solution – the Big B!

The Big B

The Big B is the easiest way to order firewood, but if you want a specific type of wood, we can do that too. The same quality, the same quantity, the same bag. Just visit our ‘Choose Wood Type’ page to choose from any one of our five types of wood on offer.