Firewood Storage – the Top Ten Tips at a glance

A fireplace ensures a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. Especially in winter, it is a pleasure to come home and warm yourself by the fire. However, you can really enjoy the heat when the logs are properly dry. Have you ever wondered how you can ideally store your firewood for indoor and outdoor use so that you can safely use it during the cold season?


Wood Baskets

If you want to store your firewood directly in the living room, it is best to keep the wood in a firewood basket. The storage baskets are available in many different designs and in different materials. In addition to classic wooden baskets there are numerous baskets made of wire or felt to choose from. Baskets made out of textile are easy to move because they do not damage the flooring in the house. However, the baskets offer less storage space than, for example, firewood shelves or integrated wooden compartments directly in the wall.


Firewood shelves

The easiest way to stack firewood is in a special made shelf which has a higher capacity to store logs. It is recommended that the wood is not stored in the basement where not the humidity is usually higher than outside but air circulation is very poor. The wood cannot dry properly and develops mold.


If you want to store large amounts of firewood for a longer period in the house, the risk of mold infestation increases. There is a lot of moisture in the room air which creates ideal conditions for the growth of mold fungi.  The damp wood encounters warm room air which leads to an even stronger formation of moisture. That’s why you should only store kiln dry fire wood in the house.

When stacking the wood, make sure that air circulation is not stopped. You will need to provide a distance of at least 8 cm between wall and wood.



Firewood rack

Outdoor firewood racks are also popular if you want to store a larger amount of firewood in the outdoor area. However, you should make sure that you store the wood on the side of the house protected from the weather and with a loose cover. Allow a distance of 5 cm to 10 cm between the house and the wood storage and a hand width between the individual stacks of wood. That allows the air to circulate and absorb moisture.

It is always best to stack the logs on a base such as bricks or wooden pallets. This is to prevent moisture from entering the wood from the ground. When storing, do not use a foil to cover it, as it quickly forms “condensation” under it, preventing the wood from drying.

Also very handy are stacking aids. These consist of two L-shaped metal tubes that are connected to each other. The storage aids enable a space-saving, safe and stable stacking of wood in shelves. Stacking aids are easy to assemble and easy to dismantle.