Firewood Birch

birch Birch belongs to the family of deciduous trees of which there are about 40 different species, some can reach  60 years and up to 30m in height. Birch trees are called ‘pioneer species’ as they are usually the first trees to be planted on open spaces and this mainly due to the fact that the birch tree is very uncomplicated. They can grow on poor soils and are one of the most resistant plant species to soil moisture changes. A birch tree grows up to 80cm per year (which is quite fast) and that very evenly.

Despite the high density birch has a very low capacity and is seldom used as construction material. However, due its good resistance to drought andmoisture its storage shelf life is very good and it is very durable. Nowadays, birch is mostly used to veneer, furniture making or firewood.

Eastern Europeans and the Scandinavias prefer Birch to all other firewood.They enjoy the wonderful aroma and long-lasting capacity of the wood. Most 5* star hotels and saunas would choose birch to create a strong, even fire.

Firewood Birch has a good buringin value which is about 1900 kWh / rm and it’s also nice as a decorative firewood next to your fireplace or oven. Its bark is well suited as tinder for lightening a fire and its essential oils create a pleasant smell, comforting and calming.

Birch is a tough wood and is be difficult to split that is one of the reasons why it is hard to get. It burns relatively quickly over medium heat which is an advantage to start a fire very quickly. Birch when dried, causes hardly sparks and burns with a nice blue flame. The storage time recommended for birch firewood is about 1.5 years, as the wood due to the high density slowly loses its moisture.

birch2Advantages birch firewood
  • long burning time
  • beautiful flame and little sparking
  • Pleasant odor Firewood Birch disadvantages
  • Slow drying
  • Difficult to split

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