Alder – Bag of Wood


Alder is a native to Ireland and found growing mainly in wet areas along canals, rivers and streams. It is useful for preventing soil erosion with its tightly bound root system. Also know as Western Alder, this wood comes in a pale yellow to red-brown colour. It is one of the softer hardwoods and has a straight grained even texture. Suitable for wood stove ovens or open fireplaces, Alder is very popular and ideal to kick-off a fire. It produces a slight aromatic fragrance and it is easy to keep in dry store. Its intense gentle heat is due to its steady burn.

Burning point: 1500/KWh/RM & 4.1 KWH/kg

Moisture Content: 17%

Approx.Dimensions: 25cm length | 8cm width | 12cm height

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